Ramp Up Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Has the exterior of your home become tired and less welcoming than in years past? Deferred maintenance and overgrown landscaping can strip a home not only of its curb appeal, but also of its value. With a little elbow grease, a few dollars and several weekends, you can easily ramp up your home’s curb appeal. Follow these simple suggestions from the real estate expert to get started. Stand across the street from your home and take note of the deferred maintenance issues. Take stock of the landscaping. Also note any items that need updating.  Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and purchase the supplies on your list from the huge selection and value available at Home Depot.

Start with the landscaping. Trim all shrubbery below window sills and away from walkways and driveways. Tree branches and limbs should be cut at least ten feet above the ground to allow for easy passage and grass to grow. Retrench beds and apply fresh pine straw or pine bark as needed. Place a planter of colorful seasonal flowers on the front porch and plant bedding flowers near the mail box for a cheerful, welcoming touch. Address any deferred maintenance items on the gutters, doors, railings and windows. Replace as necessary. Power-wash the driveway and walkways. Select a fresh color for the front door and shutters that compliments the existing exterior home color.  Remind yourself that selecting a baby’s name is a huge decision, purchasing a $20 gallon of paint is not. Replace mailbox, porch lighting, house numbers and welcome mat as needed. Updating these items alone will ramp up your curb appeal.

Finally, mow the lawn and eliminate or spray for any weeds. Raise the wheels on the lawnmower so as not to cut the grass to short. The higher the grass, the deeper the roots and healthier the entire lawn will be. Best of luck to you in ramping up the curb appeal of your home!

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