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Highly Popular Footwear In America Since Years

Footwear is one of the essentials of daily life. For casual use or occasional ones you cannot avoid these. There are varieties in footwear. There are many brands that have their own footwear to offer customers. If you are looking for comfortable and stylish pair of shoes then we have a solution for you. The brands you can trust to take complete care of your feet are not many. Comfort and style is a deadly combination in footwear which is acquired by a few.

The brand in hype

UGG is an American footwear company which is a registered trademark with traditional Australian roots. They sell not only in America but also in 130 countries products like shoes, bags, outwear home goods etc. It has its headquarters in California. The UGG boots design has developed over the years and become well known as the Classic Style. It became a fashion trend for men and women since early 2000s. The brand has expanded to include various types of leather and canvas products and home products like blanket, pillow, etc. It has outdone its popularity of the years and gained sales exceeding $1 billion consecutively since 2011.

In popular culture

The UGG boots is a style staple since it appeared first on Oprah Winfrey’s show in her second edition of “Oprah’s Favorite Things” in 2003. In that she purchased more than 350 shoes of this brand for staff and audience. The boots gained a large popularity among celebrities like Kate Upton, Blake Lively, Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez and Sarah Jessica Parker who also wore these in the movie “Sex and the City”.

In 2013 Vogue editors wrote about wearing and owning UGG boots. The Kensington UGG boots were also spotted on notable men like Leonardo DiCaprio and Ronnie Woods.

Own a pair

Like many others you can also put this to your bucket list or buy a pair today if you please. It will surely be a star of your collection. Purchase an original pair for yourself or your loved one today.

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